November 09, 2014


Dayom Panthrandum

(Dice and Twelve)
(India/ Malayalam/ 1Hr 45 min ) 

Writer, Producer and Director : Harshad

Cast :Aboo/Ukru D Poshini/Maneesh Achary/Akhil V/Lukkuman/
          Shinto Stanley/Shamej Sreedhar/ Amrutha

Crew :
Writer, Producer and DirectorHarshad
DOP :   Kannan Patteri
EditorRajesh Ravi
Music Director  : Baiju Dharmajan
Sound Designer : Ganesh Marar
Art Director  :   Shams Kolli
Effects  :  Real FX
Costume Designer : Subeesh K
Associate Director: Azaad Alavil
LyricsDr. Prasad
Singers : Sangeeth
Make Up : Sunder Lal
Stills: Shaji Nadhan
Production Designer: Sasi Pothuval
Banner :Tempora Talkies

 Dayom Panthrandum (Dice and Twelve) is the name of a game played in the rural and coastal regions of Kerala. The film shares several characteristics with the game such as its unpredictability, adventure, thrill… all rolled into one. The film is about a group of youngsters who set out on a mission. They travel far and wide. While four of them are in a car, the ‘Boss’ of the group is on a bike, alone, as if expecting a pillion rider at any moment. They meet a tribal man who falls in their focus as well as their camera’s.  The new entrant guides them to new twists and turns. He guides them from the ease and comfort of film making to the harshness of reality which the forest unfolds.